Flexible Windbreak Netting for Wind and Dust Blocking

Compared with metal windbreak netting, the flexible windbreak netting has softer structure and lighter weight, which is economical and high blocking efficiency. Flexible windbreak netting is made of high density polyethylene, which is UV resistant and durable. The flexible windbreak netting is a type of knitted wire mesh with multi-filament. It is formed by a special technology, which make it stable and long lifespan. It will not loose when it is cut by the scissors.

Flexible windbreak netting has been added anti-UV agent, fire retardant and inhibitor, which make flexible windbreak netting strong and firm. The flexible windbreak netting is not only widely used in preventing winds and dust in various industrial fields, but has a wide range application in the agriculture and commercial fields for preventing and reducing the damage caused by the wind.

Colors of flexible windbreak netting

Flexible windbreak netting can be made into different colors to suit the surrounding environment, the common colors of flexible windbreak netting are green, blue, white and black. You can choose a single color for your places and sometimes, the double colors flexible windbreak netting is more popular than the single color flexible windbreak netting. Just choose according to your requirements.

Green color flexible windbreak netting.

Blue color flexible windbreak netting.

Black color flexible windbreak netting.

White color flexible windbreak netting.

Specifications of flexible windbreak netting

  • Material: high density polyethylene.
  • Weight: 200 g/m2, 250 g/m2, 280 g/m2, 300 g/m2, 350 g/m2, 400 g/m2, 450 g/m2, 500 g/m2. Special spec can be customized.
  • Supply 50% - 55% wind reduction, 70%-85% dust reduction.
  • Length: 1m - 100m.
  • Width: 1m - 6m. Other specs can be customized according to your requirements.
  • Color: white, black, green and blue. Other colors are available.

Features of flexible windbreak netting

  • Economical and low cost.
  • UV resistant.
  • Flame resistant.
  • Free maintenance.
  • Easy to install and uninstall.
  • Reinforced edge to maximize strength.
  • Reinforced button holes and eyelets for easy fixation.
  • Convenient to transport.
  • Various colors are available.

Green color flexible windbreak netting.

Button hole for easy installation.

Application of flexible windbreak netting

The flexible windbreak netting is ideal for outdoor places, where have lots of sands, coals and stones. The typical areas are as follows:

  • Coal mine.
  • Power plant.
  • Coking plant.
  • Coal washery.
  • Coal storage yard.
  • Stockyard.
  • Port.
  • Wharf.
  • Steel industry.
  • Construction material industry.
  • Cement industry.
  • Construction site.
  • Road engineering.
  • Field production.
  • Life areas.

Flexible windbreak netting for coal plants.

Flexible windbreak netting for aggregate plant.

Except for the industrial applications, the flexible windbreak netting is widely used in the agriculture applications to lower wind speed and reduce damage caused by the strong wind. It can be installed surrounding the farm or covering the farms. When the flexible windbreak netting are covered on the farms, it is strong enough as hail netting to block hails from damaging the crops.

Flexible windbreak netting as fences to block wind.

Flexible windbreak netting cover to block wind and hails.

Flexible windbreak netting can also be used in the commercial applications. It can be installed on the sport fence to reduce the influence caused by the wind. It is commonly used in the badminton court, volleyball court and tennis court.

Flexible windbreak netting for badminton court.

Flexible windbreak netting for tennis court.

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