HDPE Windbreak Netting Against Wind and Dust

With over 20 years' experience in the windbreak and shade industry, Boegger supplies quality windbreak netting to domestic and foreign customers for protecting garden and greenhouse plant from strong wind and sun, protecting sports field of dust, protecting sands and coals from being raised by strong wind.

All of our knitted and extruded windbreak netting are made from 100% original high density polyethylene (HDPE) material with U.V. stabilized, does not rot or fade for 5 year life in tough environment. Popular colors are dark green, green, black, blend well in garden.

Flexible windbreak netting for wind and dust blocking
  • Soft but strong structure, with high blocking efficiency, suitable for outdoor places where have lots of sands, coals and stones, such as, coal mine, power plant, coking plant, coal storage yard, construction site.
  • High density polyethylene material.
  • Weight: 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550g/m2.
  • Supply 50% - 55% wind reduction, 70%-85% dust reduction.
  • Green (standard), blue, white and black colors.
  • UV resistant and durable, flame resistant, reinforced edge to maximize strength, reinforced button holes and eyelets for easy fixation.
  • We have a large number of inventory.
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  • 50%-55% Wind Reduction

    A piece of green flexible windbreak netting.
  • 70%-85% Dust Reduction

    A piece of blue flexible windbreak netting.
  • 300-550 g/m2

    A piece of white flexible windbreak netting.
  • UV Resistant

    A piece of black flexible windbreak netting.
  • Reinforced Edge

    A hand is holding black reinforced edge of green flexible windbreak netting.
  • Galvanized Grommets

    A hand is holding the button hole of  green flexible windbreak netting.
Knitted windbreak netting details
  • Fully lock stitch monofilament raschel warp knitted structure and reinforced selvedge make it strong and tear resistant.
  • Knitted eyeholes or brass eyelets along both edges for easy fixing to straining wires or for joining two pieces together.
  • Weight 80 - 320gsm.
  • Supply 35% - 75% wind reduction, 40%-85% shading.
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  • 35% wind reduction

    Green light duty HDPE knitted 80gsm monofilament windbreak netting for 35% wind reduction.
  • 40% wind reduction

    Green 50% knitted windbreak shade netting with sewn eyelets ideal for garden and green houses uses shading
  • 50% wind reduction

    A piece of green heavy duty 270gsm knitted windbreak netting 50% wind reduction, 60% Shading
  • 55% wind reduction

    A piece of green heavy duty 290gsm knitted windbreak netting 55% wind reduction, 65% Shading
  • 65% wind reduction

    A piece of green heavy duty 300gsm knitted windbreak netting 65% wind reduction, 75% shading
  • 75% wind reduction

    Dark green heavy duty 320gsm knitted windbreak netting 75% wind reduction, 85% Shading
Extruded windbreak netting details

HDPE extruded windbreak shade mesh can provide up to 60% wind reduction. In another words, our extruded netting can provide 60% wind reduction for a distance of 12 times the windbreak fence height. Beyond that distance it is normally necessary to install another windbreak as the wind gradually returns to its original speed.

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  • EWN-15550 50% wind reduction

    Green rectangular hole 15 mm × 5 mm openings extruded windbreak netting with 50% wind reduction.
  • EWN-15560 60% wind reduction

    Green rectangular hole 15 mm × 5 mm openings extruded windbreak netting with 60% wind reduction.
  • HEWN-81050 50% wind reduction

    A piece of heavy duty windbreak netting with 8 mm × 10 mm mesh size and 50% wind reduction
  • HEWN-6655 55% wind reduction

    Black windbreak mesh with 8 mm × 6 mm mesh for 50% wind reduction
  • HEWS-4460 60% wind reduction

    A piece of HDPE extruded windbreak mesh with small holes 4 mm × 4 mm for 60% wind reduction.
  • WGS-8650 50% wind reduction

    Black windbreak mesh with 8 mm × 6 mm mesh for 50% wind reduction
Various Application

For Containment of Dust

Solve the problem of containment of dust in arid environments, eg. mining, demolition, port areas, deposits of raw materials, industrial areas, drastically reduces the emission of dust to surrounded areas and contain within them.

For Greenhouse and Gardens

Provide immediate wind and shade protection to plants, crops in tunnels, greenhouse and gardens from bird, insects, sun, strong wind, rain, drifting snow, frost and even heavy hail damage.

For Fruit Trees and Vineyards

For wind protection around young fruit trees, vineyards, flower farms and vegetable crops. Provides an instant shelter from the wind, enables rapid growth.

Keeping Herons Away From Fish Pond

knitted windbreak green shade netting will also help to shade the fish on hot sunny days, and keep herons away from fish pond.

For Olive Harvesting

Light weight flexible and durable UV stabilized polyethylene monofilament knitted windbreak netting is ideal for olive harvesting. It can be reduce the scratching between fruits and rough ground.

For Protecting Animal Runs and Bird Cages

Wind break netting may be used for protection rabbit run, dog run, or bird cages against mosquito's in summer.

For Sports Fence

All heavy duty HDPE knitted wind break netting screens are PVC banded with eyelets, and can be installed on chain link fence as sports windbreak fencing to restrict wind interference.

For Debris Net

Heavy duty windbreak netting also can be used as a debris net or scaffolding netting in the building site.

Boegger Advantage

20 years experience in the design of windbreaks is available to all our clients.

Up to 12 times the height of the windbreak netting can be protected downwind.

Easy to cut and fix. Fasten it to a fence, you just need wire ties, cable ties and staples.

Roll height may be 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 3m, even to 6m as your order.

Roll length may be 30m, 50m, 100m, 200m, even to 300m (large rolls).

We have large stock of each type products and allows us to maintain our excellent despatch and delivery service.

Common packing and seaworthy packing are both offered according to the specific case.

Free sample may be delivered to you as your needs.

Any requirement, please send E-mail to info@walcoom.com, all inquiry and orders are welcome.

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Our Customer Say

Excellent netting for my greenhouse

Ordered this netting as a windbreak and shading for my greenhouse, very fast delivery and excellent product. It was easy to erect on the inside of the greenhouse, very in our windy spring. bright sunny and hot days, put it up. While cloudy days, take it down. In the past year, it has had a good test. I shall definitely use this netting in future years. Also I will certainly recommend the netting to my fellow gardener.

Angelina Canada

Durable wind-dust fence for mining factory

I used his netting for my mining factory, it was really solve the problem of containment of dust in arid environments, drastically reduces the emission of dust from my factory to areas surrounded and contain them in.

Chelsea Korea